ReStore Do Not Take

This is an updated list of items we CANNOT accept as donations due to regulations and/or the cost burden of accepting them:

  • Clothing – please use our St. Pauly’s shed for donations
  • Items missing pieces, not working, or in poor condition
  • Stained, torn, or damaged furniture or other items
  • Cleaning supplies, propane tanks, hazardous materials
  • Used paint or stain of any quantity
  • Dimensional lumber of less than four feet
  • Plywood, OSB, or drywall less than 1/2 sheet
  • Mattresses, box springs, or sleeper sofas
  • Baby items – strollers, car seats, etc.
  • Illegal weapons, guns, ammunition, or explosives
  • Exercise equipment, game tables – pool, air hockey, etc.
  • Pianos or organs, console TVs/radios/stereos
  • CRT televisions, computers, entertainment centers
  • Computer desks, cubicle walls, large office equipment
  • Unframed glass or mirrors
  • Single-pane windows without mullions, mini-blinds
  • Trash compactors or garbage disposals
  • Dishwashers, kitchen/bath faucets – unless 2014 or newer
  • Jacuzzis, hot tubs, cast iron tubs or sinks
  • Used shower doors, tubs, tub surrounds, etc.
  • Countertops with holes – solid surface pieces are okay

Please call 607-377-5524 or email if you have any questions regarding a potential donation. Our drivers and Donations Managers have the final say on the acceptability of any donation.